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【60%OFF】 R1200GS [1510-0228]】 MOUNTS CASE TOP ALUMINUM トップケースマウント【EXPEDITION アルミ EXPEDITION ムースレーシング RACING MOOSE-その他


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R1200GS 04-13

・Designed to work perfectly with Moose Expedition Top Cases or similar aluminum luggage
・Strong, laser-cut and machined 1/4”-thick aluminum top adapter plate offers a solid base for the top case
・Functions as a sturdy cargo rack when your top case is removed; has a variety of cargo strap attachment slots
・Brushed aluminum finish is powder-coated for excellent durability; looks great even with no top case in place
・Forward and aft position adjustment is pre-engineered into the top adapter plate and mounting hole positions, so the top case can be placed where you want it
・All hardware is plated; most bolts are flange-style with nylon or metal locking thread-type nuts, plus steel and rubber sealing washers
・Top case mounting to the top plate is bolt-on; quick-release mounting hardware available separately (PART #1510-0239)
・Kit includes a plastic protector to shield the top case from wear, and can also be used as a drill template
・Model-specific kits available for most Adventure and select Dual Sport models
・Universal top case mount kit can be used when a model-specific kit is not available
・Detailed, easy to follow instructions available to download at www.mooseracing.com (select by clicking on part number)
・Designed and made in the U.S.A.

岩田製作所 IKS 4100-B-3-64AT-L31 トリムシール 4100B364ATL31
【NEWブランド】ポストジェネラル ミルトランク (POST GENERAL MIL TRUNK -BY THE AROROG-) ※新入荷※ 500WORKS.アウトドア キャリー ショッピング レジャー バッグ 軽量 収納 天然素材 Creer/クレエ STORAGE
Speedy Inks Compatible Toner Cartridge リプレイスメント for デル B1260 |331-7328 (Black. 4-Pack) (海外取寄せ品)